Rapid Prototyping of Eclipse RCP Applications

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May 29, 2017

Rapid Prototyping of Eclipse RCP Applications

Patrik Suzzi (http://itemis.ch/)

Assuming you are an Eclipse RCP application developer, and you need to quickly create a prototype for your customer, ask yourself:

Which technology stack would you use to quickly prototype an Eclipse RCP application?
Is your architecture good enough to be customized and to be used in a real world scenario?
In this showtime demo, I’ll present my experience as Eclipse RCP Application developer, explaining how to quickly prototype RCP applications with a simple, effective and extensible technology stack, based on:

Eclipse E4 as Application Platform
EclipseLink as data persistence service using JPA (on XML / DB)
WindowBuilder to graphically design UIs and to manage data-bindings.
If you choose to develop your application with Eclipse E4 RCP, and your need is to quickly create a prototype with complex UI which can persist your data with JPA, you should carefully watch this demo!

This talk extends the similar talk proposed at Eclipse Con France 2017, https://www.eclipsecon.org/france2017/session/rapid-prototyping-eclipse-rcp-applications

Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/psuzzi/rapid-prototyping-of-eclipse-rcp-applications-2017
Video: https://youtu.be/PDm3EUhGaR0
Code: https://github.com/psuzzi/eclipsecon/tree/master/ecf2017

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