What about your Eclipse 4 development strategy ?

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May 29, 2017
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June 26, 2017

What about your Eclipse 4 development strategy ?

Olivier Prouvost (OPCoach)

Eclipse 4 is used since more over 4 years as a powerful runtime that uses dependency injection, application model, spies, and some other powerful features. And … it can run the Eclipse 3 code thanks to the compatibility layer.

Nevertheless, a lot of companies still develop using the Eclipse 3 mechanisms instead of coding directly with Eclipse 4 artefacts. This can only be a short term strategy that will have a cost later.

This talk will give you the tips to define your Eclipse 4 strategy for your new or legacy developments. It will explain how to mix E3’s and E4’s code, what you can do, why and how you should do it.

It will be inspired by the different missions I realized during the last years.

Eclipse 4

Slides: EclipseDayMilan2017_OPCoach_MigrationStrategy

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