Eclipse Hono : Connect. Command. Control.

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June 26, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Eclipse Hono : Connect. Command. Control.

Paolo Patierno (Red Hat)

The open source counterpart to closed and proprietary IoT solutions is called Hono ! Born out of the collaboration of big companies, including Red Hat and Bosch both members of the Eclipse Foundation, Hono is an open source framework which aims to add features, such as device management and authentication, on top of an highly scalable messaging infrastructure in order to guarantee secured data exchange between devices and cloud applications. Using its APIs, devices can send data (telemetry and event) and can be controlled remotely (command/control). During this session we will see the “bricks” that make its architecture, the exposed APIs and the integration with other solutions.

Paolo is Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat on the messaging and IoT team. Lead/Committer of Eclipse Hono and Eclipse Paho projects.

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