About PC

Each of the members below has committed to serving as a member of the team that organizes the conference and chooses the conference program.

PC Chair

Lorenzo Bettini

Lorenzo is an associate professor in computer science at the Dipartimento di Statistica, Informatica, Applicazioni “Giuseppe Parenti,” Università di Firenze, Italy. Previously, he was a researcher in computer science at Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino, Italy. He also was a Postdoc and a contractual researcher at Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, Università di Firenze, Italy. He has a master degree summa cum laude in computer science and a PhD in “Logics and Theoretical Computer Science.” His research interests cover design, theory, and the implementation of programming languages (in particular, object-oriented languages and network-aware languages). He is committer of the Eclipse projects SWTBot and Xtext, and project co-lead of the Eclipse project EMF Parsley. He is the author of both editions of the book “Implementing Domain-Specific Languages with Xtext and Xtend”, published by Packt Publishing (1st edition August 2013, 2nd edition August 2016). He is also the author of about 90 papers published in international conferences and international journals. You can contact him at http://www.lorenzobettini.it.

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Mélanie Bats

Mélanie works as a software developer at Obeo. In her daily work, as an Eclipse committer, she is mainly focused on the development of Sirius and EEF, frameworks to easily create graphical designers. She also lead the development of modeling tools based on Sirius as UML Designer. In her free time she is interested in Arduino stuff and contributes some Eclipse plugins for cross compilation. She is also a free software activist who has organized and participated in free software events in the Toulouse area.

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Sven Efftinge

Sven is a passionate software developer, father and kite surfer.
He his co-founder at TypeFox (typefox.io) and the technical lead of several open-source projects.

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Marcel Bruch

Marcel is project lead of the Eclipse Code Recommenders project, CEO and founder of Codetrails (the company behind Eclipse Code Recommenders), and serves on the Eclipse Architecture Council. He aims to support software developers efficiently in their daily work with the aid of Big (Software Development) Data, and by making IDEs and development processes smarter than they are today.

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Holger Schill

Holger works for itemis in northern Germany. Together with his team, he tries to drive modeling technologies further to help customers creating great solutions.
Holger is a committer to Xtend, Xtext and MWE at Eclipse.

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Vincenzo Caselli

Vincenzo has more than 20 years of experience as Java consultant and trainer. He is Technical director and co-founder of RCP-vision, an Italian firm specialized in providing high-quality services and trainings with RCP and Eclipse Technologies. He is committer to EMF Parsley, and a serial presenter at international Eclipse conferences.

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