Hotels and Metro

If you need to find accommodation for the event, we suggest performing a search for hotels between the conference venue and the center. The closest metro station near the conference venue is “Lodi T.I.B.B.”, placed on the metro line connected to the “Duomo” station in the City Center.

Here is an example search for a two nights stay in averagely expensive hotels:


Below you can see some hotels we picked as they are conveniently close to the Conference venue or close to Metro Stations on the yellow line.

These hotels are close to the Conference Venue

The hotels below are closer to the city center and conveniently close to the stops of the Yellow metro. So it will be easy to get to the conference venue.


The Metro system in Milan works quite well. If you book a Hotel close to a Metro station, you can get everywhere in just a few stops. To get to the Conference Venue, the closest metro station is “Lodi T.I.B.B.”, which is served by the yellow line (M3). The Yellow Line also stops at the Station “DUOMO”, which is the Gothic Cathedral in the very center of Milan. For this conference, a simple way to get oriented with the Metro is to understand the direction of the train which could be from “DUOMO” to “Lodi TIBB”, or vice-versa.